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Yes, Manifest +  Komodo + Granny Wars = fun for the whole family.

MANIFEST - 2-5 players, 45-90 minutes, age 12+

It's the roaring '20s and fortunes can be made steaming across the wild oceans. You have ships full of passengers and precious cargo, but can you handle pirate robbers, terrifying storms and a stockmarket crash that might devalue your goods? Win points for your shipping company by completing Contracts. Pick up the required goods or passengers at their source, then navigate the high seas to deliver to a port where they are wanted. Be sure to load more cargo than you need to deliver, as there are many hazards along the way, and pirate thieves hiding among the waves.

With a choice of Private or Public Contracts, two ships in your charge, and multipurpose Action cards, there are hard choices and many paths to victory, as well as some ‘take that’ options to thwart your opponents.

Manifest includes: A double-sided game board, showing two different maps of the world, 10 Cargo ships of different colours, 54 Action cards, 42 Contract cards, 48 wooden Cargo tokens, 24 wooden Passenger meeples, 5 Shipping Company Boards, a black pirate ship, 2 Custom Pirate Dice, 5 Company Advantage cards, 5 Player Aid cards, Full Colour Rule book,
For the Expert Game: 60 Starter & Upgrade Cards, 28 Deck-builder Action Cards



KOMODO  2-4 players, age 8+   45-60 minutes

Komodo is a family strategy game that can be played competitively or collaboratively.Entire species depend on you, so you must be ruthless. Ask yourself: are you tough enough? Are you the kind of zoologist who is bound for victory, or destined to extinction? Only Komodo knows!   You can compete, or collaborate to win – the choice is yours.Outwit your opponents by saving imperiled Australasian animals.  Are you bound for victory or destined to extinction?

Tom Vasel (Dice Tower) :- "The kids went bonkers". 
Komodo Includes: Boxed set of 50 Terrain tiles, 32 Animal Cards, 32 Animal Markers, 20 Wild Cards and a Rules of Play Leaflet.



GRANNY WARS (A game of Tit for Tat) is a fast-playing card game of secret identities for 2-8 players. Age 7+ 15-20 minutes

Find out if revenge is sweet or if you will be left with a pile of old tat.  The Victory cards contain a variety of Distractions (red, with negative values) and Helpers (green, with positive values). The Gold cards give you special Granny Powers (like Nana Nap) and usually contain points too.

Your grandmother has always won ribbons at the annual town fair for her handicrafts, but this year a new retirement complex has opened and you’re worried she’ll have stiff competition. Your goal is to hinder the other grannies by putting negative cards (such as a stray dog in the garden) on their piles while quietly sending helpful cards your granny’s way. You can’t be too obvious which granny you are championing else the others will defiitely stitch you up! At the end of the game, players reveal their identities, claim their pile of cards and sum the score collected.

Granny Wars includes: Boxed set of 84 playing cards, and a Rules of Play leaflet.


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