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Journey through the Flipp Forest, a magical place home to creatures from all around the world. Your adventure there won’t last long, and your goal is to discover as many different animals as possible by simply flipping cards from your row each turn.

In Flipology you control a row of cards with point values and actions. In the regular game, you have just three turns to try to flip and chain your cards to maximise their points, and perhaps to also cause some interference in your opponents’ plans to do the same.

Flipology is an unpredictable, deceptively simple and speedy game that incorporates card drafting, hand management , bluffing, and deduction. Weta Digital artist Tim Kings-Lynne has created beautiful animal and scenery artwork to grace the cards and box.

More experienced gamers are likely to enjoy the Grand Tree variant, where you wind up managing three rows of cards.


FLIPOLOGY includes:

  •  84 cards
  • Turn tracker tokens
  • Rulebook
  • One piece magnetic box

For 2-8 players, age 6 and up


10/30 minutes

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