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AUZTRALIA: A Martin Wallace game 

AuZtralia is an adventure/exploration game for 1 - 4 players set in an alternate reality 1930s. The theme is inspired by Martin Wallace’s board game ‘A Study in Emerald’.
Build a port, construct railways, mine and farm for food. You’ll need to prepare for the awakening. You’ll need to fight. Everything you do in the game costs time, which is one of AuZtralia’s most valued resources. At a point in time, the Old Ones will wake up and become an active player. They begin to reveal themselves and move, with potentially devastating outcomes.


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MANIFEST: Shipping, Cargo, Pirates and Other Trouble at Sea.     Special offer

It's the roaring '20s and fortunes can be made steaming across the wild oceans. You have ships full of passengers and precious cargo, but can you outrun pirate robbers, terrifying storms and a stock- market crash that might devalue your goods? To succeed, you'll need a captain's steady nerve and the help of Lady Luck to land your cargo where it's needed.

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Komodo  Komodo Game

Komodo is the award-winning tile-laying strategy game for 2-4 players. Outwit your opponents in saving imperiled animals of the South Pacific. Entire species depend on you. Are you bound for victory or destined to extinction?

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Journey through the Flipp Forest, a magical place home to creatures from all around the world. Your adventure there won’t last long, and your goal is to discover as many different animals as possible by simply flipping cards from your row each turn. 



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Kenakalan (Monkey Mischief) Special offer

Unleash monkey mayhem with Kenakalan, the lively card game set in beautiful Bali. Can you tell the wise monkeys from the wicked? Good from bad? Mischief for 2-6 players.

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Hoard Hoard

Can you gather and secure more treasure than your fellow-adventurers from the Hoard of the sleeping dragon? Can you defend yourself from their attacks and perhaps make a few of your own? And can you end the hunt at the best time, perhaps by actually wakening the beast?

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("WaHaKa") is a dice and card game about handicrafts of Southern Mexico. Specialize in specific craft types to create more desirable handicrafts. The player who has the most valuable collection of crafts in their Market Stall at the end of the final round is the winner.

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Karmaka Karmaka

A tactical game where players race to climb the karmic Ladder, starting as a lowly Dung beetle, up to Transcendence. Watch out how evil you are, as your actions will come back to haunt you in a future life.

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Granny Wars: A Game of Tit for Tat  Special offer

Find out if revenge is sweet or if you will be left with a pile of old tat in this fast card game of secret identities. Support your gran while distracting everyone else. You cannot be obvious though, as the other players will want to stitch you up.

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Raid the Pantry  Raid the Pantry game

The knives are out with Raid the Pantry, a fun cooking card game for 2-4 players. You'll stop at nothing - stealing, haggling, even dumpster diving to create the most tasty triumphs.

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Cat Capers  Cat Capers game

Catching a rat, summoning the fire department, and sneaking into someone's house may not be your idea of a good time - and in the latter case may even constitute a felony... unless you are playing Cat Capers! In this small board game you are a cat, your owner is away at work and the world is your oyster.

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Flaming PyramidsFP cover

2-6 players lay tiles of straw, wood, and stone to build a pyramid together, but each is trying to get rid of their own tiles first to win the game. Heavy or mismatching tiles (and the odd blowtorch) lead to collapses, fires, and other mayhem. A versatile game with variations for young families through to hardcore gamers. Tiles are decorated with native New Zealand flora and fauna.

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